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Do not give in to the bankruptcy myth which states that bankruptcy is a bad thing. Bankruptcy is a financial tool that is available to all individuals, families, and companies. It is a dignified, legal, and honorable method to deal with overwhelming debt and has been utilized by many successful and famous individuals and companies. There are numerous benefits of bankruptcy that make it the best process for many individuals who are struggling under excessive debt. The bankruptcy process was specifically designed and implemented as a means of escape for anyone facing unmanageable amounts of debt and can give you a second chance at a solid financial future.

  1. You Can Keep Your Home, Car and Personal Property. In Washington State, if an individual’s equity in their home is less than $125,000, the trustee will deem the home exempt, and the home can be kept subject to paying any underlying mortgage or consensual liens. Cars and personal property are usually exempt and can be kept subject to paying any loans remaining on them.
  2. Your Creditors Will Stop Hounding You. For those who are drowning in debt, calls and surprise visits from creditors and collections agents are an overwhelming problem. One of the perks of bankruptcy is that from the moment you file your petition, you’ll enter an automatic stay period meaning that your creditors can’t contact you, and all collection actions, such as lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures and repossessions must stop immediately.
  3. You’ll Be Discharged Of Your Debt. In either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the debtor is discharged of their unsecured debt including medical bills, credit cards, and collections. In a Chapter 7 filing, the debtor is usually discharged within 90 days. In a Chapter 13, the debtor is discharged once the payment plan is completed.
  4. No One Has To Know. Your friends, family, and co-workers don’t ever have to know you filed for bankruptcy. Only you and your creditors are notified of the bankruptcy filing. The only time your filing would come out is if you’re asked for a credit history report when applying for a new loan or credit card.
  5. You’ll Get A Financial Fresh Start. After your debt is discharged, your slate has been wiped clean. You can now apply for new loans and credit cards. The interest rates won’t be stellar right away, but the best way to rebuild your credit is to operate under those terms and prove that you’re a responsible debtor. While your bankruptcy filing will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, you can get credit again and usually be able to purchase a home within 2 to 3 years, or less. You can usually qualify for an auto loan immediately after filing.
  6. You’ll Get Peace of Mind. Financial stress can cause strain on every aspect of your life. Many people that are faced with financial problems will also experience anxiety, stress, depression and health concerns. You may be unable to sleep; you may lose or gain a lot of weight; you may be constantly fighting with your spouse, and you may generally feel like you are failing. Once you gain control of your finances, often the rest of these problems will start to go away and things can fall into place. After retaining attorney David Yando to represent you, you will no longer have to lose sleep or worry excessively about inability to pay debts or deal with creditor harassment. You no longer have to deal with your creditors and can enjoy the substantial benefits of a fresh financial start.

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Washington Fresh Start can advise you of all your possible options for debt relief. Whether you would benefit most from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or would rather pursue an alternative to bankruptcy, we can offer the guidance you need.  Tacoma bankruptcy Attorney David Yando has practiced debt relief and bankruptcy for more than 30 years and is more than qualified to help you get a fresh start. We offer easy payment plans and a free case evaluation, so do not hesitate to consult a Tacoma, WA bankruptcy lawyer! Contact us right away to learn how we can help you get back on top of your payments, or have your debts completely discharged through the bankruptcy process