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Are you burdened by an overwhelming amount of debt? Are you looking for a way out that will give you a fresh start? Washington Fresh Start can provide exceptional counsel and guidance for anyone who answers yes to these questions. Bankruptcy is an excellent means of finding relief from debts that you cannot afford to repay. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy is not a disreputable act, but was actually created by the government as a way for people to find financial freedom. Washington Fresh Start can help you make educated decisions and pursue bankruptcy as a means of eliminating your overwhelming debts.

At Washington Fresh Start, we understand the difficulties that you are facing. More than anything, we want to help you get out from under the crushing debts that you are struggling to repay. Many individuals need to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills, loss of a job, and other unexpected life events that caused financial hardship. No matter what caused your financial situation, we are here to help. Take part in a free case evaluation with a compassionate Tacoma bankruptcy attorney from our firm today to learn how we can help you with any of the following bankruptcy matters.

Bankruptcy Practice Areas and Resources

Our team at Washington Fresh Start can assist with all your debt relief needs, including:

  • Chapter 7: Is your income insufficient to repay your debt, even in part? You may be eligible for debt liquidation bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Under this chapter, your property is usually protected and unsecured debts are discharged.
  • Chapter 13: Under Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, you have the ability to reorganize your debts and continue to make payments for the next few years. After your designated repayment period is up, your remaining debt is discharged and the bankruptcy process is complete.
  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is not for everyone. You may be able to find debt relief through credit counseling, debt negotiation, debt consolidation, debt settlement, and much more. An experienced Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can help you understand your options.
  • Bankruptcy Myths: Washington Fresh Start can help dispel any bankruptcy myths that you may have heard. Some myths include the idea that bankruptcy is only filed by irresponsible or bad people, or that your credit will be ruined if you file for bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy Process: From the moment you take the means test until the moment your debts are discharged, we stay by your side and guide you through each step of the bankruptcy process. Speak with a lawyer from our team right away to discuss your options.
  • Benefits of Bankruptcy: Filing for bankruptcy can remove the worry and stress that is involved with excessive debt. Your debts will be eliminated so that you can restore your credit and rebuild your finances. Bankruptcy can restore your peace of mind as well as your financial foundation.
  • Credit Restoration: Once you have found financial relief through bankruptcy, you will be able to rebuild your credit score. Most people who file for bankruptcy have an extremely low score to begin with, so you can only improve once you’ve eliminated your unmanageable debt.
  • Creditor Harassment: Bankruptcy can help to stop harassing calls and letters from your creditors. Under consumer laws, all contact by your creditor must stop the moment you retain a bankruptcy lawyer and file under any chapter of the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Foreclosure Defense: Filing for bankruptcy immediately stops any foreclosure actions that your bank is taking on your home. It also can prevent the damage that foreclosure can have on your credit and your financial future.
  • Life After Bankruptcy: Do not think for a moment that bankruptcy ruins your future. Contrary to popular misconception, bankruptcy gives you a fresh start so that you can enjoy a worry-free, financially solid life!
  • Tax Relief: Taxes are not easily discharged in bankruptcy. Among other requirements, your tax debt must be more than three years old and you must be able to prove that you are not guilty of tax evasion or tax fraud. Speak with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your case and your options for tax relief through bankruptcy.

Get Help From Washington Fresh Start Attorneys in Tacoma

Washington Fresh Start is thoroughly experienced in all areas of bankruptcy law and can help you get a fresh start. Our ultimate goal is to help you get back on your feet and to rebuild your financial stability. With our help, you could live free of debt or and debt-related worry. All creditor harassment will stop, and you will be able to look forward to a brighter future. Take advantage of a free case evaluation today and learn how Attorney David Yando can use his decades of experience to counsel and guide you. Contact us as soon as possible to learn get started!