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Falling behind on your mortgage payments can place you and your family under a lot of stress. At Washington Fresh Start, we are here to help you prevent foreclosure on your home or to stop any foreclosure actions that have already begun. This can be accomplished through negotiation or by filing bankruptcy, both of which can stop foreclosure actions on your home.

One way to prevent foreclosure is to negotiate with your lender, either to modify your loan or to settle your debt. Loan modifications lower the interest rates or principle for your loan or extend its term so that the monthly payments are reduced. As for debt settlement, this occurs when your lender accepts a lump sum payment that is less than the amount owed, but considers it to be full repayment. You might also consider debt consolidation, which combines multiple consumer debts into one loan so that your excess interest rates are eliminated, reducing the amount you pay each month. The ultimate goal is to make your payments affordable so that you can catch up.

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Defense

In cases where you cannot modify your loan or afford payments, you could file for bankruptcy. The moment you retain a bankruptcy lawyer or file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, an automatic stay is put on any foreclosure actions. You may be able to save your home if is exempt from liquidation, or if you are able to reorganize your debt through bankruptcy.

Are you facing foreclosure in Tacoma, WA?

Do not hesitate to engage in a free case evaluation with Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorney Dave Yando if you need to defend your home from foreclosure. With more than 30 years of debt relief and bankruptcy experience, Mr. Yando is more than capable of counseling you through the bankruptcy process or any alternative to bankruptcy. Contact us right away for more information.

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