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The common belief about bankruptcy is that it is the result of irresponsibility. Many people assume that irresponsible or bad people are the kinds of people who file for bankruptcy. This is only one of many bankruptcy myths that Washington Fresh Start can dispel. Our mission is to help you understand the benefits of bankruptcy, as well as any alternative options that are available, so that you can find relief from your overwhelming debts. We understand that your debt may not be a result of your own choices and we will always treat you with the utmost respect and concern. Take part in a free case evaluation today to get the counsel that you need to get out of debt.

Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

Only bad people file for bankruptcy.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bankruptcy was created by the government to help anyone get out from under excessive debts. This debt is often unexpected and not the fault of the consumer at all. For example, a serious illness or accident could result in unaffordable medical bills. The loss of a job could cause a person to fall behind on their mortgage. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you are a bad person. You simply need a way to get a fresh start!

Bankruptcy will ruin your credit.
By the time anyone needs to file bankruptcy, their credit score is already extremely low. Bankruptcy does little to make matters worse, but rather gives you a chance to restore your credit. Without filing bankruptcy, you will still be in debt and behind on your payments, making it impossible to improve your credit score. Bankruptcy gives you a chance to start over from scratch.

You won't be able to take out a loan after you file bankruptcy.
Most individuals are able to take out home loans as soon as two years after bankruptcy. The interest rates may not be the best, but you will still have the ability to get a home loan. Bankruptcy does not ruin your chances of taking out loans or credit for more than a couple of years.

All of your debts are discharged through bankruptcy.
Unfortunately, this is not always true. Tax debts and student loan debts are not dischargeable most of the time. There are some cases where you can find tax relief through bankruptcy, however, as well as relief from your student debt. Speak with a bankruptcy attorney from our firm to learn if your situation allows for these debts to be discharged in bankruptcy.

Anyone can file for bankruptcy.
Consumers must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy requires you to pass the means test, and you must have sufficient disposable income in order to file for Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, which is why you might benefit from learning about the many alternatives to bankruptcy.

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Do not hesitate to speak with a skilled Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer about your options for debt relief. Washington Fresh Start can counsel and guide you as you decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for you. We also help clients negotiate with their lenders for loan modifications, debt consolidation, and more. Attorney Dave Yando has 30 years of experience in debt relief and bankruptcy. We are more than capable of helping you pursue the most beneficial process for your financial situation. Schedule your free consultation to speak with a lawyer and get started on the path to financial freedom. Contact us today!

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