Blog Posts in 2014

  • 26-Nov-2014

    Debt Collectors Bully and Lie

    The Associated press reports that the country is facing an epidemic of unscrupulous debt collectors willing to pose as law enforcement and threaten arrest to squeeze dollars out of Americans, a top prosecutor said Tuesday as he announced the arrests ...
  • 23-Apr-2014

    Payday Loans Create Long-Term Problems

    The March, 2014, report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau indicates that consumers' use of payday loans often turns into a long-term problem. Key findings of this report include: Over 80% of payday loans are rolled over or ...
  • 21-Jan-2014

    What Happens at Your Court Hearing?

    When you file for a fresh start under the bankruptcy laws, you, together with your attorney, are required to attend a meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee is a local attorney who is appointed by the court to review the bankruptcy ...

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